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Our Promise

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the utmost protection, security, and highly trained security officers. It is our mission to continuously serve our clients and community in every aspect of their security needs. L.B. Security and Investigations, Inc. is Dedicated to Service, Committed to Excellence and to always provide Knowledge and Expertise.

Our Vision

It is our vision that all our clients throughout New York State have the fullest amount of security, along with honesty and trust within our security officers and staff.

There are many advantages of Contracted Security Officer Services:

Cost Advantage

L.B. Security provides each client a rate that includes fringe benefits, taxes, insurance, uniform cost, and payroll fees. When scheduling conflicts such as vacation, time off, sickness, etc. may occur, it is the responsibility of the contracting agency to fill these requests. L.B. Security has a team of highly qualified and licensed security officers to choose from, to eliminate high cost for the client to hire temporary help.


All scheduling and placement of the guards is handled by the contracting agency, along with any disciplinary problems that may occur. This eliminates internal friction with the security officer and the client if corrective action must take place.

Immediate Response

Due to the large amount of on-staff security officers that L.B. Security provides to our clients, this allows for a volume of officers on short notice to fulfill any situation. Whether this may be an irate employee, contractual / union strikes, termination, etc. L.B. Security can assign security officers within minutes to your site.


It is the responsibility of the contracting agency to hire all staff. This elevates pressure of the client to insure proper guard coverage, as well as guaranteeing proper security force that the client deserves.

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